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Sensity Shine

Enjoy the style of light adaptive lenses

You enjoy being stylish. You take care of yourself and care about fashion and beauty. Seeing well is important but looking good is also important. If you spend time making the right frame choice, then it's important to choose lenses that enhance your frame choice. Sensity Shine will complement your frame and give you a vibrant look whilst also protecting your eyes from UV! 

Grey ⁡Silver (light mirror silver)

Brown Copper (light mirror copper)

Green Blue (light mirror blue)

“As an artist, my style is an important part of my identity. With Sensity Shine I see well and look good wherever the inspiration strikes, inside or out.”

- Maria, Fine Artist

Fade back to full clarity indoors1
Comfortable vision in all light situations
⁡Reduced glare
100% UV protection4

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