Your choice is clear. Simply Sensity

Uncover the perks of 2-in-1 glasses

Enjoy convenience

Forget about swapping between glasses and sunglasses.

Reliable vision

Enjoy consistent performance across varied light conditions. 

UV Protection

Blend the benefits of UV Protection with prescription lenses.

A diverse range

Choose from a range of intense, natural color options to suit your individual style. 

Discover your ideal lenses

Explore the Sensity range

Sensity 2

  • Enjoy convenience
  • Exceptionally clear indoors
  • Comfortable vision in varying light conditions

Sensity Fast

  • Fastest fading light adaptive lenses¹
  • Modular blue light control²
  • Performs best in colder climates³

Sensity Shine

  • Stylish mirror coatings for an exclusive look
  • Extra dark when outdoors
  • Alternative to sun lenses

Sensity Dark

  • Glare reduction
  • Our darkest lens option for outdoor types
  • Darkens behind your car window 

Check your light sensitivity or discover your Sensity lenses

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Marco, Accountant

"Sensity is super convenient, it's like two pairs of glasses in one!"

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