Fastest light-adaptive lenses*

Sensity Fast

Faster fade back. More freedom

Fastest fade back speed* to keep up with your lifestyle

The world is too interesting to sit on the sofa. You are always on the go, rushing from one thing to the next. Consideration of your lifestyle is an important criterion for you in anything you buy. It’s the same for your eyewear. Fast adaptation to conditions, convenience, and no fuss in life. Sensity Fast lenses fade back so quickly, so you can see clearly and keep living spontaneously.

Bronze Brown
Silver Grey

Do you live a dynamic and active lifestyle? Do you want convenient glasses that adapt to light in your busy life?

  • Convenience of 2-in-1 solution
  • Fastest fade back speed* to full clarity indoors1
  • Modular blue light control2 for more comfort in a digital world3
  • Subtle and modern color options: choice between Bronze Brown and Silver Grey

The convenience of Sensity Fast

You can also experience the fastest fade back speed* available when entering indoors. And exceptional clarity. For better sight and better looks.
Fade back to full clarity indoors1
Comfortable vision in all light situation
⁡Reduced glare
100% UV protection4

 “I’m always on the go, rushing from one thing to the next - so I need lenses that can keep up with me. Sensity Fast lenses fade back so quickly. I can see clearly and keep living spontaneously.”

- Daniel, Junior Analyst


*Hoya data on file. HOYA Internal Product performance validation. 09/2022. Up to 45% faster in reaching the half faded back state vs. the fastest fade back of the two leading players in the market (1.60 material, AR coating, brown colour, 230C)

1. Initial clarity (at 23 degrees): Grey: 93% Brown: 91%, 1.6 with AR coating.

2.Density (at 23 degrees): Grey: 76% Brown: 73%, 1.6 with AR coating.

3. Based on B-Cut EN measurement standard, the blue light absorption varies from a minimum of 9,2% (1.50 grey Standard AR coated, at initial state) to a maximum of 78,8% (1.50 brown Standard AR coated, at darkening state).

4.Hoya data on file. HOYA internal Product performance assessment. 11/2022. According to the UV definition in the EN ISO 8980-3:2022, internal assessment by HVC R&D Laboratories