Photochromic spectacle lenses: life without limits

Photochromic spectacle lenses: life without limits

Your glasses help you live in the moment and enjoy life more freely. As a busy, modern lifestyle comes with plenty of changes (including shifting light and weather conditions), it’s key to embrace light adaptive lenses, such as HOYA’s Sensity portfolio, that seamlessly react to the rhythms of your day – no matter how relaxed or active it may be.


Everyday living

You may feel that your relaxed pace of life doesn’t warrant lenses for light sensitivity, but whether you're tending to your garden, running errands, or taking a drive, you might find it surprising how much smoother everyday life can be. By auto-adjusting from clear to tinted, photochromic lenses provide built-in convenience and help you go about your day with carefree clarity.


Active adventures

If you love the great outdoors and find it hard to sit still, the last thing you want to worry about is switching between glasses and sunglasses. By seamlessly adapting to changing light conditions when moving from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa, photochromic lenses give you the freedom to fully enjoy that next family camping trip or a festival with your friends. An active lifestyle calls for you to immerse yourself in the moment.


Looking ahead

On top of the many benefits of photochromic lenses, they also offer UV protection that automatically shields the eyes from harmful UV rays. Giving you the benefit of prescription lenses with the UV protection of sunglasses, light adaptive lenses offer the convenience of enjoying two pairs of glasses within one frame.

As you go about your day – no matter how relaxed or active it may be – swapping between regular glasses and sunglasses can feel like a tedious inconvenience. By rapidly adapting to your changing environment, photochromic lenses – available from trusted lens manufacturers such as HOYA – help you focus on what's important.

Your Eye Care Professional can offer a comprehensive and meaningful range of options to complement your individual lifestyle and vision needs, ensuring that you can embrace every moment with confidence and comfort.


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